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I have been seeing Dr. Brad Harper for about 8 years for all of my chiropractic needs. Dr. Brad is very intuitive and addresses the whole body as needs arise and is very thorough in every treatment session. Dr. Brad & his staff are friendly and professional and make effort to accommodate my schedule as well as last minute bookings. I highly recommend Healing Hands Familly Wellness & Dr. Brad Harper!

Julie from Google

I had a complicated pregnancy due to my age. I started to visit Dr. Harpers chiropractor clinic when I was 15 weeks due to back pain. Since then back and leg pains were not my problem anymore. Even after giving birth, I still continue to visit their clinic which helps me relieve pains due to carrying the bucket car seat and the baby. Their team was very good. I highly recommend them.

Jennifer from Google

So happy to find this chiropractor. Starts with friendly helpful staff. Then the visit was great. I really enjoy Brad’s sense of humor and his caring attitude. Would totally recommend this office.

Bonnie from Google

Dr. Brad is in a class all his own. He does SO MUCH MORE than just look after your sore back…he helps to heal you, body and soul.

Mark from Google

Dr Brad has changed my life! I was soooo skeptical of seeing a chiro, as the word CRACK, scared the heck out of me. After suffering from chronic back pain & finally deciding to try chiro. I called around many different places & Susan was the most knowledgeable receptionist EVER! She took me in for an assessment of my mobility & sent me for xrays. As soon as Dr Brad looked at them, called me in for a consult & then he asked if i was conformable to be adjusted ALL IN THE SAME DAY. I walked out of there with a smile on my face & can say I have never felt better! He walks you through everything he is doing to you, relaxes you & complements the slightest achievements. I sleep better, my stomach feels better & all my chronic pain is GONE! Thanks for being the best Dr! Elyse.

Elyse from Google

I have been seeing Dr. Brad for 6 months. I have had a very bad lower back for years. Dr Brad listens to me and explains what he is doing and what is happening to my back. I used to wake in the mornings so sore I could hardly move, now I have no trouble when I get up and no pain or swelling in my back. Ruth Mac

Ruth from Google

I have been seeing Dr. Brad for the last year for back and leg problems including pain in my ankle. As well he has treated some neck and shoulder issues that I continually suffer with. Just lately he has been helping me with acid reflux with some helpful hints about diet and nutrition as well as some adjustments to posture. I had been going to physio before this and myofascial therapy, all to no avail. As well, my doctor had me go for cortisone shots in my hip, which helped briefly but did not get to the root of the problem. I continue to see Dr. Brad to maintain my much better health now.

Sharon from Facebook

Dr Brad is a miracle man! I have feared chiropractors my whole life but debilitating back pain brought me in. I can’t express enough the relief and improvement I have experienced . I highly recommend Dr Harper for everyone!

Karen from Facebook

Dr Brad treats my son and I. And I had tried out other places. What’s most incredible about him is that my whole body was off due to problem ankles/feet. He’s been the first and only to give me any relief from the issues in the 10 years since it happened. Including family doctors, other chiropractors and physio.

Morgan from Facebook

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