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Dr. Brad Harper

Okotoks Chiropractor Dr. Brad Harper, DC and the Healing Hands Family Wellness Team focuses on providing their patients with quality care in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Chiropractic Education

I was born and schooled to grade 12 in Lethbridge, Alberta. I completed my Pre-Med Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. I went on to Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon where I graduated class valedictorian in 1982. Since 1982, I have continually taken courses to upgrade my knowledge base & after 40 years in practice, it is now a pretty wide knowledge base. I have worked with some of the most powerful and influential leaders in the Chiropractic profession. Earlier in my career, I was a distinguished member of the Chiropractic Inner Circle…an elite group of the most successful chiropractors in the World!

My Chiropractic Career

I started my chiropractic career in Coaldale, Alberta in 1982. I successfully ran that office until 1996, when it was sold to my sister & brother-in-law. I then created & ran one of the largest chiropractic offices in the Caribbean from 1996 to 1999. I then sold that office to 2 chiropractors from Alberta and moved back to Alberta to set up the Calgary office. Five years later (2004), I sold that office with the intent of moving back to the Caribbean, but a Caribbean hurricane changed those plans and instead I ended up in Okotoks, where I am today.

Chiropractic Philosophy

We treat people of all ages and presently in our office, our patients range from newborn to age 96. We have numerous testimonials from happy, healthy individuals whose lives, relationships and quality of life have improved dramatically from their Chiropractic experience with us. Our practise continues to grow almost exclusively by referrals from our satisfied patients.


I have a son Brin (Brad with a grin) who is hardly ever sick. My son and I are checked weekly for misalignments and adjusted, if needed, in order to maintain optimum health.

Dr. Harper has once again won the Gold award for Best Chiropractor in the Foothills.
He thanks all his patients and all who voted for him and made his 40th year in business extra special!!

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