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Total Body Modification (TBM)

What is Total Body Modification (TBM)?

At Healing Hands Family Wellness, our Wellness Team uses a whole-body approach to treating your ailments. Total Body Modification is an exciting method of healing that is used to restore your body’s ability to self-regulate, and self-heal.

How Total Body Modification Works

Total Body Modification is used to help counteract the negative effects our body faces from environmental and inflammatory responses. Using a series of muscle testing and adjustments to specific points on your body, Total Body Modification corrects your biological systems.

Your body communicates with itself in a way that is very similar to a computer’s operating system. We are able to identify areas of concern by using muscle testing that focuses on certain reflex points that correspond to different organs, glands, or body systems in the body’s bio-computer. When a muscle weakness is detected, we are able to identify the area of the body’s bio-computer that requires a “reboot”.

In addition, we may incorporate Chiropractic Care in order to correct misalignments at specific spinal levels. Total Body Modification helps your body to restart its inner bio-computer, which in turn will re-balance your body’s own natural healing abilities, resulting in a more balanced state of wellness.

At Healing Hands Family Wellness, we often use Total Body Modification along with a number of our other wellness services, such as Chiropractic Adjustments, TCM Acupuncture, Reflexology, and more to restore your body to its optimal functioning level.

What Do We Do When We Perform TBM?

We will help reprogram your body’s internal computer by a combination of muscle testing, touching specific points on the body corresponding to various body organs or organ systems and making specific corrections at specified levels of the spine in a specific order. The corrections are often made using an instrument, or the hand itself.

Your body’s nervous system can be likened to a bio-computer. When your body short circuits, it weakens and does not function properly. When we rebalance it, your healing forces will be refocused, and the power that makes your body, heals your body.

Total Body Modification and Allergies

Treating allergies with Total Body Modification has proven very successful for many of our patients. Using the same principles as above, we are able to help “reset” how you react to certain allergens. By holding something that one is truly sensitive to (allergic to), the body will muscle test weak. By then holding the same substance(s) over the liver, while breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, while the practitioner taps the appropriate spinal levels, the body will “reset itself”, just like when we reset the “tripped” circuit breaker in an electrical box.

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